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January 23, 2015

When you plan moving your house, you have plenty of companies to choose from, which offer different moving services. There are cheaper, averagely priced and more expensive moving services. Instead of making the mistake to choose a cheaper moving provider, you can choose a bit more pricey moving service, which will guarantee you safe and intact delivery of your belongings.

In this article you will learn why cheaper isn't always better when it comes to moving your house. It can turn out to be much more expensive and risky than averagely priced moving services. Here is a comparison of the cheap and more expensive moving services, taking into account their advantages and disadvantages.

Although most customers may be tempted by the low prices of the services of some moving companies, if you consider all disadvantages and risks that the moving they offer has, in the end it turns out to be more expensive than averagely priced moving services. We will compare the main points in moving: insurance, the price of quotations and viewings, the ability to provide specialized removals, the storage facilities, packing services and the furniture assembly available.

cheap vs averagely priced moving services
If we speak about insurance, lower priced moving services doesn't have or have limited insurance of the items to be transported, which significantly increases the risk of their theft, damage or getting lost. An averagely priced moving service includes full insurance, which gives a full guarantee for every transported item. We must be honest and say that accidents happen, that's why it is necessary for your items to be insured during transportation. Limited insurance covers only damages, caused by mistakes of the staff, while full insurance includes accidents with the transporting vehicle, lost items, weather accidents, breakage, theft and more.

Cheaper moving providers doesn't train their personnel, while more expensive moving companies spent money and resources on training the movers to do their work professionally. Together with the limited or no insurance, the lack of training of the movers can lead to many damages.

When it comes to specialized moving of items like pianos, antique items, fine art, fragile items, these all are services, provided only by averagely and more expensively priced moving services. They aren't offered by cheap moving providers. The averagely priced moving providers offer these services on the best possible price and have special discounts for moving more items. Expensive and averagely priced removal companies also offer storage services and furniture assembly, which isn't provided by cheaper services.

As a whole, cheaper moving providers offer limited or no insurance, charge additionally for quotations and viewings. This increases the price of their moving service a lot. They offer no storage facilities, packing services and furniture assembly and don't offer specialized removals. As you can see cheaper isn't always better when moving house. It can turn out to be more expensive and can lead to damage, lost, theft of the items to be transported. Instead of saving money on transportation of your home belongings, it is much better and wiser to count on accredited averagely priced moving companies. They will guarantee you safe and in time delivery of your possessions and offer you many additional facilities.

When counting the advantages and disadvantages of cheaper and more expensive moving services, it turns out that cheaper services can cost you much more than averagely and expensively priced services, which are more reliable. The last offer many facilities and additional services, which the cheaper don't or charge additionally for them. So if you are planning to move your whole house, you better not risk using the services of unregistered or shady companies. They will turn out to be more expensive and can create many problems, which will cost you too much. Price is not always criteria for quality, but in this case it is so.

The article is contributed by ManAndVanMates SW3
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