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March 23, 2015

Buying a house that comes with good resale value, selling it would be quite easy. Unfortunately, not all home buyers consider and think about the importance of resale value. Most of them make the mistake of placing emphasis mainly on whether the home is suitable for their needs.

Therefore, how to buy a home with good resale value? There are many factors to consider that can influence the resale value of your prospect home. Take a look at some of the indicators that gives a home with good resale value:

➣ It comes with more than two bedrooms. Although it is not that bad to have a home with two bedrooms, having more than that can attract prospective home buyers since many people look for extra rooms.

➣ Bathroom should be more than one. If a home buyer is alright with one bathroom, they will most likely use that to lower the value of the property further. Most first-time home buyers will go for a home with two bathrooms. In addition to that, homes with master bathroom have bigger resale value than those without.

➣ The so-called “family space” – this is the space or room in which you, your family or friends can come together and congregate. This room should be informal in setting and spacious because it is always used for entertainment purposes, space for neighborhood gathering and the like. Some family space can be dual purpose.

➣ Closets and other storage spaces – modern family today have several household items and personal belongings that they store in the house. Therefore, majority of home buyers will look for homes with abundant storage spaces and closets. If the home has walk-in closets, the better the value will be. It would be difficult to sell homes with smaller closets.

➣: Home that is one-story. Number of floors do not always equate to good resale value. One advantage of single-story home is that it is accessible for the handicap. Nevertheless, this is a case-to-case factor in which if the neighborhood is composed of mixture of two- and one-story houses the best option is not to purchase the single-story if it is surrounded by multiple-story houses.

➣ Another case-to-case factor is the garage. If you own a vehicle and frequently use it, getting a garage is better. Garage that is enclosed and covered can boost the resale value. However, if you are living in the metro in which public transportation is prevalent, garage is not that s sweet addition.

➣ Layout and having a good flow is essential in a home. Majority of the home buyers go for homes with open spaces and natural light.

House with high resale value
When buying a house through home finance, the number one factor that you must think about is location. The resale value is directly affected by the location, neighborhood and proximity to the metro. Buying a home nowadays is made easy by simply asking help from professional realtors or doing it online. As long as you have grasp about these factors, you can get a home with good resale value in the future. You can also boost the resale value of the home by giving it facelift through modern updating of the amenities and features and in remodeling some or most of its rooms internally and even the exterior.
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