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June 03, 2015

Many people think that buying a lock is as easy as going to a hardware store and buying the first lock that they see. In reality, this is much more complicated as there are many types of locks that you can buy and also because there are innumerable needs for which you will use the locks. It is because of all of this that we are writing this little guide into buying locks for different needs.

What do you need the lock for?

The first question that you will need to ask yourself is what you will be using the lock for. For instance, you may be securing your apartment or your house. Or, you might be looking to enhance the security of your business (a place where you keep a lot of valuables). Perhaps, you are only trying to secure some private documents in your home and you wish to put a lock on your cabinet.

Depending on what the lock will be securing and where it will be placed, you will want to choose carefully. For instance, if you are securing your business, you will want to go with something really sturdy and resilient as businesses are more likely to get broken into. Conversely, if you are simply putting a lock on your cabinet, you will not need something industrial-strength and a simple lock will be enough.

How safe is the neighborhood

This is also a huge factor when choosing a lock for the door. For instance, there are neighborhoods that are considered very safe and where burglaries almost never happen. If you live in such a neighborhood, you will most likely do well with a simple, standard lock. However, if it is a bad neighborhood, and especially if there have been break-ins recently, you may want to go with something sturdy like a deadbolt lock that locks the door into cylinders in the door frame.

In commercial areas, especially if you are a business owner, you will need to go with the best locks you can afford. Experts from a Sydney locksmith firm have recommended vertical deadbolt locks for businesses, as they provide the most security against purely physical break-ins. Of course, you will most likely wish to secure your business with something more than just a good lock.

Electronic locks – yes or no?

how to buy lock for home & office?
Electronic locks have their good sides and their bad sides. Their biggest advantage is that they do not have a keyhole, which means that a burglar will not be able to pick the electronic lock. Instead of keys, these locks use various other ways of identification, such as keycards, passwords or even fingerprints of the people who have access to the home. Some electronic locks can also be synched to the smartphone, unlocking when the owner is in the vicinity.

However, and experts will be quick to tell you this, electronic locks do not provide much more in terms of physical safety than regular commercial locks. They are not sturdier and if the burglar decides to use brute force, an electronic lock will not do much more than a regular lock. Still, they are very interesting and can be perfect for certain situations.

The Money and the Hassle

Of course, when purchasing a lock, you will also have to worry about the money. Some locking systems are extremely
expensive and they can take ages to install. Sometimes, the locksmith might need to have the entire doorframe removed and a new one installed when putting in a lock. Some locks you can install yourself, especially if you are skilled with tools.

In the end, however, it will all be about how much security you need and want from the lock. For the outside locks on your home and your business, you can never go wrong with the best on the market. Paying premium prices for a lock is a small price for the peace of your mind.

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