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September 25, 2015

Eating in restaurants has become a socializing habit nowĐ°days. Everybody likes going out and having fun with friends. Since people are exhausted after working hours and often unwilling to cook their meal, they reach out for the restaurant food. Since food prices are not as affordable as they were before, people are struggling to find a place with good food, but with even better prices. While for many people this sounds like a luxury, others tend to overspend. Luckily, if you read carefully you will find out about tricks that can help everyone save money while having a nice time with their loved ones.

Think About Appetizers

Appetizer stands for food that you eat while waiting for your entree. They are pricey having in mind the fact that it is just bread or chips with some dipping sauce, and it is not recommendable to spend your money on it. Of course, if you can’t resist it, then you need to forget about dessert. Although with various discount cards or coupons that save a lot of money you will be able to get it for free and enjoy without any regrets. If not, wait for your birthday and hope for free meal.

Save It on the Wine

There are few simple ways to save money on drinks. For example, you can drink wine on tap since it’s very cheap and that way nobody will notice how many drinks you had. The only thing cheaper than that are free drinks. Yeah, you got it right! There’s an awesome app that helps you find a restaurant where you can have dinner and get a free wine to complement your food. This way you will not just have a go with trying something new but also save up money. And if it’s a date night, maybe you leave a good impression.

Big Entree

how to spend less in restaurants
Sharing a portion is turning into a common thing among friends and couples. Since portion sizes are becoming bigger and bigger it would be unreasonable to take food home when you can make two reasonable portions out of one. Sometimes it’s healthier to order two salads and an entree because you will feel full but not overeaten. Also, some foods are overpriced and you ought to choose carefully because if you are in a restaurant, try out something new rather than a simple pasta or a pizza. Chinese, Maroccan and Vietnamese cuisine are very tasty, yet affordable and exciting.

With Or Without Dessert

ways to save money while dining out
When it comes to desserts, restaurants have an increasing problem since cakes and ice-cream don’t bring that much money. Hence, since they don’t have a pastry chef desserts are sometimes tasteless or sugary and there is no good reason to have them at all. Instead, you should save your money and eat someplace else. Homemade ice-cream or muffins bought in a pastry shop can often be flavorful and cheap. And it’s always a good thing to have a long and relaxing walk home after dinner.

Save Money

easy ways to save money dining out
At any rate, the best bargain would be to stay at home and cook a meal that would be twice as cheap as the one in restaurant. For big families eating out can seriously damage a food budget. On the other hand, for many people restaurants are an immense pleasure. As we spend time in restaurant to indulge ourselves and people we care about, it would be the best not to think about the bill. Therefore, with these tricks you should save enough to eat out more, hang out with friends and make the most out food.
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