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September 19, 2017

Air fryer is an innovative new appliance that is claiming it can displace the old previous method of using oil to fry stuff. Here, we will describe the working of oil-less air fryer. We will also judge whether it’s safer compared to the other conventional method.

What is an Air Fryer?

what is air fryer
Air Fryer which utilizes hot air to cook food which otherwise would have been cooked with oil. It also makes the vehement claim that it can achieve the same great taste of oil frying. It uses Rapid Air Technology which produces the air that fries the food.

The company also makes the claim that the food made in such a style is much healthier than the norm because of the oil which contains many Trans and saturated fats. A little bit of oil is still needed. Let’s take an example; you have to cook chips. Just coat them with a little bit of oil and put them in the fryer. Then it will blow hot air over the chips.

The Working of an Air Fryer:

Air fryer uses high speed hot air circulation to cook food. The processes that function during this whole mechanism are as follows:

1. When the fryer is started, hot air is produced and a mechanical fan circulates it around the food to assist in even heating.

2. The temperature reaches to about 200 degrees Celsius. The workings of an air fryer are similar to that of an oven, which also works on a similar phenomenon.

3. The reaction which occurs in the food due to this is called the Maillard reaction. The oil coated on the food gets broken down into smaller compounds during the process of heating.

4. This is what gives food its brown color and crispy texture. This method is also energy efficient because most of the heat produced is utilized with minimum loss of energy and flow.

5. Because of the circulation of air, food is fried even if it is piled up.

6. If the temperature rises beyond safe measures, then the exhaust system comes into play. It filters the air and releases it into the atmosphere around.

7. There is also a cooling system which regulates the temperature of internal parts.

8. Due to the rapid circulation of the hot air through and over the food the food gets cooked and the excess of oil gets collected into the oil collection tray.

In this whole process the food is fried oil free and is pure in its composition. Its natural ingredients remain safe and would not get wasted.

how air fryer works

Is Air Frying Healthy?

Whether air frying proves to be healthy or not depends on the oil used for coating the food. Because of the Maillard effect used in this process, many new compounds are produced due to the fats breaking down into various compounds. These new compounds may or may not be useful, but still not very harmful for any person.

Other than that, if we consider the benefits, they heavily outweigh the cons. It uses much less oil to cook food, which translates to less fat intake. Fried food absorbs a great amount of oil, which drastically increases the calorie and fat intake. If one loves the taste of fried food, but one wants to take a healthy approach towards it, then this product could prove useful. Normally you use liters of oil, cook the food and then dispose of all the oil. This method almost takes the oil out of the equation.

For those who are calorie conscious and need fat free frying, this air fryer technology is a miracle. It would definitely be useful in promoting a healthy food, cooking concept in future also.

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