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A niche blog of Spence Wisely with the aim of sharing to you tips and information on what to buy and why you need to buy them. We need essentials to make our lives not only comfortable but productive as well.

Necessities arise when a brand new situation, whether good or bad, has arrived. Some examples of situations that triggered the appearance of necessities are: when someone suddenly moved into a new place, when you are invited to a restaurant buffet, your sink gets clogged, you finally get to buy yourself an air-condition, you're embarking on a trip abroad, etc.

As some of these extraordinary situations are unexpected, necessities present themselves when there's no time to turn back unless you have a time machine to go back to get yourself prepared for those necessities.

Surprisingly, there are also necessities that unless they talk to us, we wouldn't think that they do exist. For example, some of us might have no idea of the existence of micro vacuum which is safer to use for cleaning our laptops. The danger of abrasive cloth to the computer screen necessitates the use of a right tool which other people might have not knowledge of. Another classic example of a situation where silent necessity is present is every time we use our microwave without putting an airtight cover to the food.

That's the job of this blog. To give you chunks of information that you can use either for times when certain situations come or when you're thinking of improving some areas in your life.

I invite you to be a member of this blog and receive valuable information on practical buying.

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