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Here's the new guideline in writing an article for WorththeBuy.net:

1. Must have Google+ account.
2. Must be in at least 20 circles on Google+.
3. Must have Twitter or Facebook profile.
4. Should have read all these published articles:

1. Minimum 700 words, original.
2. Must follow the structures of the above articles.
3. First paragraph or both first and second paragraphs must talk about consumers and the product in general.
4. Must be subdivided like the three articles above.
5. Must have a subheading for Tips or Comparison or both.
6. Pros & Cons section is highly recommended as well.
7. Must have a Conclusion or Final Thought of the author.
8. Must have one related photo.
9. Not rushed but done in days.
10. Highly informative.

Another example of a well-written, well-thought-out article with deeply researched pieces of information is:

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